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Appearance Edit

Avery is a caucasian human male of short stature, standing at approximately 5'9". He has spiky deep blue hair and while normally concealed, his eyes are a vibrant red color. For clothing Avery wears a pair of visor sunglasses, a black coat with blood red trimming on the collar, cuffs, and waist, a dark grey undershirt, and dark blue pants with a pair of red stripes going down the side of each leg held up by a black belt. He also wears black steel-toed boots. He has two sledgehammers that he carries around on his belt, one on each side of his waist. His primary tool is a large cylindrical object wrapped in pale yellow cloth attached to a chain that goes over his shoulder and around his waist several times.

Personality Edit

Avery is loud, abrasive, and takes very few things seriously at all. If someone complains that there's a flaw in his design or craftsmanship, Avery will blame it on "user error" without a second's thought. Despite his cocksure personality, two things Avery takes very seriously are reputation and the pride of a blacksmith. Should someone's reputation be wrongly attacked or built on lies and fraud, Avery won't stop until the truth of the matter is brought to light. As a blacksmith, Avery believes that one should be able to take pride in their crafts and that the wielder should respect the wishes of the weapon's creator. Should someone's creation be used without their consent or against their wishes, Avery's first instinct is to take the weapon back, with or without force.

Dream Edit

To follow in the footsteps of his ancestor.

Justice Edit

Avery believes in "Defensive Justice", which is that any means or actions are allowable for the sake of defending others, but not if it means hurting innocent bystanders.

Abilities Edit

Fighting Style Edit

Club User Edit

History Edit

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