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[div align="center"][table][tbody][tr][td][font size="1"][font face="arial"][i][div style="text-align:center;"][a href=""]Avery Rocweld[/a][/div][/i][/font]
HP: 415/415
Strength: 270
Combat Def: 207
Awareness: 200
Agility: 180 (163 w/ Hammer)
Mastery: 0
Aim: 0
Skill: 200
[ul type="disc"]
[li]Windup Counter Strike - Strength - 127[/li]
[li]Hammer Drop - Strength - 127[/li]
[li]Gaia's Terror - Strength - 172[/li]
[li]Skeletal Smasher - Strength - 127[/li]
[li]Meteor Strike - Strength + Skill - 89/89 (177)[/li]
[li]Earth Breaker - 100% Strength - 307[/li]
[ul type="disc"]
[ul type="disc"]
[li][b]Star Welder (Improved Steel):[/b]  +27 Damage, -17 Agility[/li]
[li][b]Chain Attachment Mod:[/b] Ranged techniques w/ Star Welder replace Aim with Skill[/li]
[ul type="disc"]
[li][b]Hammer Time:[/b] Hammer agility debuff reduced by 1/2[/li]
[li][b]Artisan Finesse:[/b] +10 damage to hammer techniques[/li]

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