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Club User Techniques Edit

  • Windup Counter Strike
Description: Avery performs a spinning swing to deflect the opponent's strike, then follows up by using the momentum for a powerful strike.
Style: Club User
Type: Counter
Cost: 15
  • Gaia's Terror
Description: Avery charges his opponent before lifting his Star Welder overhead, followed by an earth-shattering downward swing.
Style: Club User
Type: Greater
Cost: 30
  • Skeletal Smasher
Description: Avery launches a powerful swing at the opponent, paralyzing them with bone-crushing force.
Style: Club User
Type: Status (Paralysis)
Cost: 25
  • Meteor Drive
Description: Avery throws his Star Welder at his opponent with the intent of smashing them with it, then dashes forward while pulling the weapon back to him and follows up with a momentum-boosted swing.
Style: Club User
Type: Greater 2-stat
Cost: 50
  • Earth Breaker
Description: Avery jumps into the air, then throws his Star Welder high up into the air behind him. Avery then uses both hands to pull at the chain and pull Star Welder back to him at high speed. Grasping the handle, Avery complements the resulting momentum with his own strength to launch a devastating strike.
Style: Club User
Type: Ultimate
Cost: 70

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