The World Government: Pirate HuntersEdit

  • Jim Nagasuro: Ship's chef, he has food. I can bother him for food.
  • Vander Heathcliff: Local bothering target for snacks. Under his desk is a great place to nap~
  • Drake Richards: I see him, here and there. Never talked to him before.
  • Rex Mcoy: He has the best pillows to steal and nap on. 
  • Maes Stryder: Leader. Got locked up because of him, but I have no grudges. 
  • Fayt Liengod: Who?
  • Attis Reyes: The ship's navigator, I think?
  • Rebecca Trace: She needs to stop calling me puppy. I'm not a puppy.
  • Velskud Amus: Who?
  • Valeria Piexis: Who? 
  • Amel Amus: Who?
  • Belphegor: He needs to stop picking me up and calling me a cat.
  • Cairo: Who?

Strike PiratesEdit

  • Valen Strike: Made of lightning, I don't want to be electrocuted and fluffed.
  • Sainglain: Dragon! he gave me foods~
  • Luca: Who?
  • Sadie: Who?
  • Kosuke: Who? Was he that guy with Saing?
  • Fisher Ryugu: Who?

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