Azoth Zeromus
Biographical Information







5' 4"
9' 5" (Hybrid)



Eye Colour






Chronological and Political Information

Petty Officer


36th Marine Branch (Formerly)

36th Marine Branch 2nd Division

3rd Pirate Hunter Division "Interceptors"

Sea of Origin

West Blue

Traits and Skills

Known TechniqueEdit

  • Shadowfang: Howling Cannon
Description: Running up to his opponent, Azoth kicks off the ground and lands a surprising dropkick onto his. Adding the entirety of his weight to the momentum of the kick, he lands the kick entirely on his strength and speed
Style: Free Form/Devil Fruit
Type: Greater Hybrid
Cost: 50 Skill
  • Shadowfang: Shadow Strike
Description: Striking his opponent, Azoth uses both his arms to strike the opponent. Using one arm to psych out the opponent, the other hand jabs the opponent when he/she is not looking. Almost like the opponent was struck by a ghost.
Style: Free Form/Devil Fruit
Type: Hybrid Ambush
Cost: 45 Skill
  • Shadowfang: Lunar Requiem
Description: With a powerful slash of the claws or swift, but deadly punch, Azoth hits his opponent with enough force to cause internal or external bleeding.
Style: Free Form/Devil Fruit
Type: Status Effect: Bleed
Cost: 25 Skill

Reserved TechniqueEdit

  • Shadowfang: Shooting Star
Description: Rushing the opponent, Azoth lands a solid tackle on his opponent with a full weight body tackle.
Style: Swordsmen/Devil Fruit
Type: Greater Hybrid
Cost: 50 Skill
  • Shadowfang: Cerberus's Toll
Description: Super heating his claw with the force of friction, Azoth fires a fire ball at his opponent from the tip of claw using shigan as his aid. His shot would ignite whoever came into contact with the fire ball.
Style: Free Form/Devil Fruit
Type: Greater Hybrid
Cost: 50 Skill
  • Shadowfang: Volf's Storm
Description: Following the stance of the 0 sword Style, Azoth combines rankyaku and rotation to air toss his opponent with a giant tornado. By a sudden but powerful swing, Azoth's tornado would spread tossing up all nearby opponents.
Style: Free Form/Devil Fruit
Type: Area of Effect
Cost: 55
  • Shadowfang: Counter Tithe
Description: After a successful block of an attack, Azoth retaliates with a sharp jab to his opponent.
Style: Free Form/Devil Fruit
Type: Counter Hybrid
Cost: 35
  • Shadowfang: Lone Wolf
Description: Using Rankyaku, Azoth creatures a wave that bounces off the walls and/or the floor with the shape of a wolf. This wave bounces on both the air and land, and its pattern appears to be very sporadically and catches the opponent off guard.
Style: Free Form/Devil Fruit
Type: Ambush Hybrid
Cost: 45
  • Shadowfang:
Style: Free Form/Devil Fruit

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