• Beast Slayer
Description: Cassius slashes his opponent with great force.
Style: Sword and Shield
Type: Greater

  • Behemoth Slayer
Description: Cassius pushes his weight into a heavy cleave, increasing the force of his strike.
Style: Sword and Shield
Type: Greater +1
Cost: 50

  • Savage Turnabout
Description: Bashing at his opponent with his shield intercepting their attack, Cassius made a great cleave.
Style: Sword and Shield
Type: Counter +1
Cost: 35

  • Blutvein
Description: Cassius Raises his shield, bracing himself for whatever may come.
Style: Sword and Shield
Type: Defensive
Cost: 30

  • Bahamut Slayer
Description: Cassius takes his rage into his blade, and cleaves downward, unleashing a large compression wave that devastates an area.
Style: Sword and Shield/One sword
Type: Ultimate
Cost: 70


Shield Mastery: The character has mastered usage of the shield, granting a 10% increase in damage to techniques that use the shield offensively. Requires 100 Skill and 100 Strength. Type: Passive

Keen Counter: Counter Techniques have their power increased by 25%. Unlocked upon creation. Type: Passive

Defender: While using a shield the character has greater ability to defend themselves, adding an extra block chance. This skill is only active while the user is carrying a shield.

Type: Passive

Fishman Strength: A natural ability for Fishmen Characters that increases strength by half their base. Type: Passive

Fishman Domination: Triples the speed and power of the Fishman while underwater. This skill is automatically given to Fishmen but only activates underwater. If the Fishman uses Fishman Karate, this ability also unlocks all the Fishmen Karate skills while the user is underwater. Type: Passive

Tekkai: Doubles physical defense and bypasses the one point damage rule. Second turn usage only boosts befense by 1/3rd. Adds 1/4 Base Defense to Unarmed techs (requires 200 skill to move during tekkai.) Type: Active

Cut Iron: Allows user to inflict damage on or cut Iron Type: Active

Cut Black Iron: Allows user to inflict damage on or cut Black Iron Type: Active

Compression Wave: Allows the swordsman to create techniques that transfer the force of a cut over a distance by swinging the sword at high speed, creating a "blade" of compressed air; or by simply creating strong winds with sword blows. The latter can only be blocked if the opponent has more strength than the user. Uses melee for accuracy. Type: Active

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