Diable Jambe
Diable Jambe


Archetype Required

Martial Artist

Style Required

Black Leg

Profession Required


Stats Required
  • 150 Skill
  • 100 Spirit
    • 225 Spirit (Advanced Form)
Stat Effects
  • -10 Stamina per turn of use
    • -0 Stamina per turn in Advanced Form

The Diable Jambe is a skill only usable by Black Leg Chefs.


Allows the user to ignite their leg(s) to increase the power of their attacks by burning the opponent on contact. Using Diable Jambe adds 1/3rd Spirit to the user's techniques (1/4th if 3 stat hybrid) if they do not already use it. Requires one turn to activate and prolonged use (more than 2 turns) will cost 10 Health per turn. All burn effects are equal to half the character's Spirit for damage. Requires 100 in Spirit and 150 in Skill.

Advanced FormEdit

However characters with 225 Spirit can activate it instantly and no longer suffer penalties for prolonged usage.

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