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Twin Sword Techniques Edit

  • Mantis Asylum
Description: Fayt closes in on his opponent and launches a quick right jab followed by a left cross, stabbing his opponent with his katars.
Style: Twin-Sword Style
Type: Standard
Cost: 10
  • Mantis Lock
Description: An intervention-only technique, Fayt waits for the opponent to attack. When the chance arises he blocks the attack by stabbing the opponent in the appropriate limb, followed by a forward stab with his free hand.
Style: Twin-Sword Style
Type: Counter
Cost: 10
  • Mantis Hunt
Description: Fayt performs a twin jab at his opponent, digging his blades into the opponent.
Style: Twin-Sword Style
Type: Variant
Cost: 5
  • Mantis Offering
Description: Using his strength and natural swiftness Fayt darts around the opponent, slashing at limb after limb before following up with a hard jab to their abdomen
Style: Twin-Sword Style
Type: Hybrid Multi-Component
Cost: 15

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