New FormatEdit

Total Skill Used: 210/215

Surface TechniquesEdit

Total Skill Used: 155/215

  • Same Suramu
Description: Fisher forms a layer of water over his hand and thrusts forward. The impact of the attack bypasses the user's body and hits their internal body, causing damage to the user's insides.

Same Suramu can translate to "Shark Slam"

Style: Fishman Karate
Type: Effect - Bleed
Cost: 25
  • Hydro Impact
Description: Fisher forms a layer of water over his palm and slams it into the opponent, launching a secondary wave to impact inside the user's body.
Style: Fishman Karate
Type: Greater +1
Cost: 50
  • Kyuusoku Shio
Description: Fisher performs a powerful and fast series of punches that strike with the force of a tsunami. Kyuusoku Shio can translate to Rapid Tide.
Style: Fishman Karate
Type: Gatling + 1
Cost: 55
  • Yuatsu Shougeki
Description: Translating to "Hydraulic Crash", Fisher performs a powerful punch a distance from his opponent aimed for the head, using water vapor in the air to turn it into a shockwave. Alternatively he may just simply perform the punch in melee range for a more direct attack.
Style: Fishman Karate
Type: Effect - Disorient
Cost: 25

Underwater TechniquesEdit


  • Mizu Bakuhatsu
Description: Fisher gathers as much water as he can around him before leaping out of the water, hurling all the water he has gathered onto the surface and causing a brief flood. Mizu Bakuhatsu can translate to Water Explosion.
Style: Fishman Karate
Type: Area of Effect
Cost: 55
  • 10,000 Pound Emperor Cannon
Description: Fisher's ultimate attack. With every amount of force he can muster, Fisher performs a powerful punch either up close or using water vapor to transfer the force as a shockwave. The sheer force of the attack can leave a massive crater at the point of impact.
Style: Fishman Karate
Type: Ultimate
Cost: 70

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