Every RP has rules that people need to follow, so here are the rules of One Piece Cruise:

General RulesEdit

  1. No excessive swearing (If you have to swear every three words, don't talk or post, any use of the F-word is excessive). Keep it PG-13.
  2. No auto hitting or dodging (Exactly what it says, anyone who resorts to auto hitting (Stating that an attack hit or did damage) or auto dodging (Dodging things that you shouldn't have been able to dodge, excessive dodging falls under this as well) will receive penalties)
  3. No meta-gaming (Meta-gaming is having your character use information they shouldn't have access to such as knowledge of a character's Devil Fruit or the weaponry a newly met character uses(especially with ammo) without prior in-story information. Bounties and titles can count as informants depending on the character)
  4. Be polite to others (Feel free to tease and be sarcastic with others, but if you do it to insult or anger someone then you're breaking this rule)
  5. No killing other characters without the consent of the player (If a character has entered the Determined State and continues fighting after reaching 0 stamina, it counts as consent)
  6. No stealing the blueprints of other characters (This means that if you haven't purchased the right to use someone else's blueprint, it's stealing and there will be consequences)
  7. No one line posts. If it consists of less than 6-7 sentences, it will be destroyed and the poster mocked.
  8. All threads follow a 48 Hour Rule: if a post isn't made in two days from the narrator's post, any remaining participants will be skipped and progress will resume. If you can't post for whatever, let your thread participants know in advance, so the thread can proceed.
  9. Members who are consistently late or fail to participate without prior warning will suffer 50% decreases in all rewards, including Beli and Stat Points. Members who continue this trend will receive no rewards. This does not extend to active members.

Bounties/Ranks and how to raise themEdit


Bounties are alerts from the World Government informing the public of dangerous pirates. While not exactly an accurate basis to judge upon, the higher the bounty, the more dangerous the pirate. Pirates gain bounties by doing things than draw the attention of the world government such as raiding a marine base, annihilating villages, or even conquering an entire country. Another way to gain or increase a pirates bounty is by defeating other pirate crews with higher bounties, proving yourself more dangerous. People who belong to the marines or otherwise hunt pirates (typically called Pirate or Bounty Hunters) can collect the bounties upon defeating any pirate that has one.


For marines, the worth of a character is determined by their rank. All marine characters start as cabin boys/girls and must work through way through the ranks. This is accomplished by completing missions. Promotions are granted by the highest rank such as Captains or Vice-Admirals.

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