Damage TrackerEdit

Jim Nagasuro Tracker 

Stamina: 405

Strength: 300 

Defense: 160 

Awareness: 200

Aim: 100


Skill: 270

Normal Techniques

1.Father's Spirit - STR - 38+16/38+16 dmg (Regular mim:7/7)(Shigure:8/8)

2.Father's Rage - STR - 28+16/28+16/28+16(75) dmg (regular mim:4/4/4)(Shigure:5/5/5)

3.Son Aggression - STR/SKL - 109+16/109+16(218) dmg (regular mim: 14/14)(Shigure:17/17) 

4.Ittoryu: Hiyokezaru - STR - 75+16 dmg

5.Ittoryu:Kurēn Sasu - STR - 100+16 dmg + 33 Bleed (mim: 23)(Shigure:27)

6.Ittoryu:Heron No Sutansu - STR - 100+16 dmg (mim:23)(Shigure:27)

7.Ittoryu:Yūkan'na Tori - STR/SPR - 166 dmg (mim:36)(Shigure:43)

8.Ittoryu Iai:Bureibuhāto - STR - 300+16 dmg (mim:50)(Shigure:63)


Cut Iron: Allows the user to inflict damage on or cut iron.

Cut Black Iron:Allows the user to inflict damage on or cut black iron.

Vacuum Wave: 

Cut Steel

Spirited Sword

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