The World Government: Pirate HuntersEdit

Vander Heathcliff: As the man who first met and befriended Jim early on, Jim owes somewhat of a life debt to Vander, or as he calls him, "Doc". Jim would gladly follow Vander through the depths of hell if he were to ask of him. Jim declares himself Vander's "sword and shield", and strives to help him reach his dream.

Azoth Zeromus: Jim seems to care deeply for Azoth, as the less experienced Marine had saved him twice so far in their journey together. He seemed to be an advocate for anything in Azoth's favor when the choice came between Azoth or safety after Main Island.

Drake Richards Jim highly respects Drake, even though the two barely met back in the 80th Base. This might be due to the amount of early knowledge Drake had during the early course of their journey, or perhaps that Drake was merely older than him.

Rex Mcoy Rex is a bit of a unusual case for Jim. Normally cheery, Jim turns cold and cruel when talking to Rex, an odd phenominon caused by unknown circumstances as of now. Most of the things he says to Rex are not very nice; however, it appears to be a form of mental training for Rex to make him more level headed when other more narrow-minded people come along that Rex is not very happy with..

Maes Stryder Though the Doc comes as the first priority in Jim's head, the close second is Maes and his order's. As his superior commander, Jim strives to make sure that his orders are completed on-time, though the more silly antics of Jim Nagasuro seem to get on Maes' nerves.

Fayt Liengod

Attis Reyes

Rebecca Trace

Velskud Amus

Amel Amus


Strike PiratesEdit

Valen Strike: Jim happly refers to Valen as "Captain Lighting Strike." Needless to say, the name has not gone over well.

Sainglain: Jim refers to Sainglain as "Dragon-Man"; he also respects his sword-work, and has commented his abilities to others many times.

Luca Halcyon: Jim does not know Luca as well as Sainglain or Valen, but calls him "Firebrand", the nickname the bounty department gave him.



Fisher Ryugu

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