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Conquest Hanbei I

"What you have to do isn't always what you should do..."
Jim Nagasuro
Biographical Information



Northern Blade








Light Brown

Eye Colour

Greenish- gold




Artisan Chef

Chronological and Political Information

Petty Officer


36th Marine Branch (Formerly)

36th Marine Branch 1st Division

3rd Pirate Hunter Division "Interceptors"

Sea of Origin

North Blue

Traits and Skills

  • Father's Spirit
Description: A move invented by Jim's father and perfected by Jim, it involves Jim using his sword to perform an leaping upward slash before twirling in the air and coming down with a downward slash.
Style: One Sword Style
Type: Basic
  • Father's Rage
Description: A variant of Father's Spirit, it involves Jim using his sword to perform an upward slash then two horizontal slashes in quick succession.
Style: One Sword Style
Type: Enhanced
  • Son's Aggression
Description: Jim quickly rams the butt of the blade into the opponent's chest, then slashes at the foe with reckless abandon, while skillfully maneuvering the blade to hit vital points.
Style: One Sword Style
Type: Greater + 1
  • Ittoryu: Hiyokezaru(One Sword: Flying Lemur)
Description: Jim slashes Shigure, the force making a ranged blade that flies out. Uses Aim for accuracy.
Style: One Sword Style
Type: Basic
  • Ittoryu:Kurēn Sasu (One Sword: Crane Stab)
Description: Jim swiftly stabs an opponent in a vital area, causing bleeding to the target.
Style: One Sword Style
Type: Effect
  • Ittoryu:Heron No Sutansu (One Sword: Heron Stance)
Description: Jim swiftly knock an opponent away with his blade setting them up for a Flying Lemur.
Style: One Sword Style
Type: Counter
  • Ittoryu:Yūkan'na Tori(One Sword: Brave Bird)
Description: Engulfing himself in the aura of a bird of prey, Jim skillfully slashes the opponent. This Technique can cut up to steel.
Style: One Sword Style
Type: Greater + 1
  • Ittoryu Iai:Bureibuhāto(One Sword Drawing: Braveheart)
Description: Jim sheathes his sword, finding a sense of momentary peace in the chaos of battle, achieving enlightenment for the span of a brief second he unleashes his full potential, cutting down his opponent in a single stroke. The stroke is propelled forward as a "sword beam" or sorts, and can cut up to steel.
Style: One Sword Style
Type: Ultimate
  • Nittoryu: Taka no supin(Two Sword: Hawk Spin)
Description: Jim Spins in a circle, slashing his opponent with both Poppy and Shigure.
Style: Two Sword Style
Type: Basic

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