Archetype Required


Style Required


Stats Required
  • 400 Skill
  • 400 Spirit
Weapons Required
  • Sword

Kyutoryu is a powerful skill for Santoryu-style characters.


A special skill available only to those who have mastered both One and Two Sword Styles. This skill allows the character to unlock Kyutoryu Style, allowing the character to project their spirit to appear as if wielding nine swords. All attacks made in Kyutoryu Style are composed of 3 components. However, each component hits at full strength. This skill also increases the user's ability to block an opponent's attack by 1/4 while active. Requires 400 Skill and Spirit to use. This skill/style may only be used for one turn, requiring a 3 turn recharge. Cannot be used with effects, Vacuum Wave or Rankyaku.

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