Character CreationEdit

With the time skip system being established many people are going to want to keep their characters "in the family". These characters are called legacy characters to indicate their connection to early or previous characters.


Character must be the same race as the progenitor. If you started with a Human character, the offspring will be human. However hybrids are allowed, meaning your character can have a kid with a different sentient race (Fishman, Giant, ect) and have the child inherit traits from both parents. Characters such as these will inherit the starting stat amount of the other race, meaning Fishman/Human Hybrids will receive the starting stat limit of a Fishman character.

Sea of OriginEdit

Non-Human legacy characters may either be created in the sea of the race (Grand Line for Fishman, New World for Giants) or the sea before it. This means a Fishman legacy character can begin either in the first half of the Grand Line or in any of the four blues while Giants can be made in either half of the Grand Line. This applies for hybrids as well.


With the time skip system being established some people are going to want to pass their inventory on to the next generation to give a boost to their new characters or crews.


For inheritance to be allowed the character passing on the items must be related to the recipient. In most cases this means biologically related however there is room for exceptions, such as mentorship.

Rules of TransferEdit

Only half the total inventory from the original character may be transferred or "inherited". In the case of Beli, only 1/4 may be passed on to the new character in order to avoid or restrict an early fortune. Also, some items will not be allowed for inheritance for various reasons.

In the event of transferring a Devil Fruit, only the fruit itself may be transferred, nothing else. This is to prevent a transfer of beli and then selling the devil fruit to bolster even further. A character may only inherit a Devil Fruit if the original character or crew has ownership of one.

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