• Charred Split
Description: Luca raises both arms, and links his wrists above his head before bringing both swords down in an X-shaped cut, a movement intended to split the opponent’s guard – often one of his two hands sits in the perfect position to swing into a riposte if the opponent moves to guard against the other.
Style: Two Sword Style
Type: Basic

  • Magus Blinder
Description: A fast-moving attack, Luca spins his right-hand sword in a rapid set of spirals, before thrusting forward in a feint. At the peak of his forward momentum, he suddenly reverses his thrust and backflips to evade attack.
Style: Two Sword Style
Type: Evasion

  • Flaming Wind
Description: Luca activates the dials on both swords, before launching two Pressure Waves - one vertical, one horizontal. Each one of these air blades carries the elemental effect of the sword with it, creating a scorching wind.
Style: Two Sword Style
Type: Effect

  • Ember Storm
Description: Luca gets as much height as he possibly can before dropping into the ground, using Tekkai around his legs to absorb the impact as he launches a pair of pressure waves in a circle around his body
Style: Two Sword Style
Type: AOE

  • Chain of Flames
Description: Luca launches a blisteringly fast combo of strokes at his opponent, often with Dials active in order to create the image of a shroud of fire approaching.
Style: Two Sword Style
Type: Gatling (Twin)

  • Nitoryu Iai: Ragnarok
Description: Luca closes his eyes with a hand on each sword, and briefly flickers with the image of an older man in the same position - his father. After a moment, he draws both swords as quickly as possible, activating the Dials and launching a pressure wave coated in flame directly in front of his body as the flames die out and he sheaths both blades again.
Style: Two Sword Style
Type: Ultimate

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