Combat TrackerEdit

[div align="center"][font size="4"][a href=""]Mia[/a][/font][/div]
HP: 395/395
Defense: 220
Awareness: 200
Agility: 200
Aim: 200
Skill: 200
Spirit: 50

Dodge: /
Intervention: /[ul type="disc"]
[li][b]Bleeding Shoot[/b] - Aim (1/3) - 105 + 35 (Bleed)(-75% = 27)[/li]
[li][b]Skysong[/b] - Aim (1/2) + Skill (1/4) - 188 (-75% = 47)[/li]
[li][b]Sky Shot[/b] - Aim (1/2) + Agility (1/4) - 188 (-75% = 47)[/ul]

[font size="3"][a href=""]Skills[/a][/font][spoiler][ul type="disc"]
[li][b]Combo Mastery[/b]: When using blade based multi-component techniques, the individual components have their base power increased by 1/2. This does not apply if the full technique hits and does not effect status damage. 

Type: Passive[/li]
[li][b]Precision Shot[/b]: Rangers are restricted from making ranged multi-component techniques. In exchange their ranged technique's minimum damage becomes 25% instead of 20%. [b]This skill does not function if the opponent was in close range.[/b] 

Type: Passive[/li]
[li][b]Tripwire[/b]: A Ranger with this skill can freely create Trapper Techniques. 

Type: Passive[/li]
[li][b]Trap Master[/b]: When using a Trapper Technique, the base damage of the technique is increased by 20%. The character can also use traps much faster, reducing the charging period to one turn. 

Type: Passive[/li]
[li][b]Ambush[/b]: Rangers are skilled at stealth, allowing them to better ambush their opponents. When using an Ambush Technique, the base power of the technique is increased by 20% and dodging it uses 2 dodge chances instead of one. This skill is applied before any other damage altering skills and does not work with multi-component techniques.

Type: Passive[/li][/ul][/spoiler]
[font size="3"]Weapons[/font][spoiler][ul type="disc"] 
Wood: Greater Wood 
Type: Improved 
Size: Large
Modification: Jet Dial
Durability: 300/300
Bonus: +32 Damage to bow techniques[/li]
[li]Short Sword x2
Metal: Steel
Type: Improved
Size: Small
Bonus: +22 damage to sword techniques
[b]Durability[/b]:[ul type="disc"]
[li][b]Right[/b]: 345/345[/li]
[li][b]Left[/b]: 345/345[/li]

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