Shimotsuki Edit

  • Valen Strike: Mia has known Valen for years, having met him when she was 10 after he saved her from a group of bandits who were attempting to kidnap her for her archery skills. Determined to know the youth who had saved her, Mia stubbornly remained at Valen's side, initially to his annoyance. Eventually they became friends and Mia often served as the "girl with the leash" who reigned in many of Valen's more reckless tendencies. Because of this interaction she was forced to lose the shyness that had plagued her and making her more assertive. When she was 15 she began developing an attraction to her now closest friend and the two begin an unofficial relationship that lasted 3 years before the Battle of Shimotsuki. Mia is one of the few who Valen trusts absolutely and before he left the island he swore a promise to return safely the moment he had accomplished his goal.
  • Richard Strike: Along with Valen, Mia also befriended Richard Strike, Valen's cousin. He and Valen once attempted to teach Mia swordplay but found her incompatible with a sword. Growing up, Richard would constantly flirt with Mia, though mostly just to tease her. Despite this, Mia trusts Richard and the two get along fairly well.

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