Bow TechniquesEdit

  • Bleeding Shoot
Description: Mia fires a barbed arrow at her target. The barbs ensure the arrowhead bites deep.
Type: Effect - Bleed
Damage: 6 + 2 Bleed
Cost: 6 Energy
  • Skysong
Description: Mia fires an arrow with extreme precision and skill. The name comes from the "singing" of the arrow as it flies.
Type: Powerful
Damage: 15
Cost: 10 Energy
  • Wind Shoot
Description: Mia quickly draws an arrow and fires it faster than a blink of an eye.
Type: Strong
Damage: 8
Cost: 5 Energy
  • Shadow Shot
Description: A stealthy attack where Mia fires an arrow from the shadows.
Type: Strong
Damage: 8
Cost: 5
  • Tri Shot
Description: Mia notches three arrows on her bow and fires, releasing all three simultaneously.
Type: Multi-Impact
Damage: 12
Cost: 8
  • Power Shot
Description: A technique where Mia fires a powerful shot to take down an opponent.
Type: Powerful
Damage: 15
Cost: 10

Dagger TechniquesEdit

  • Stinging Slash
Description: Mia executes a quick slash with her daggers.
Type: Strong
Damage: 8
Cost: 5

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