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Nirvaer is a serious young man. He almost never smiles, even if someone makes a joke. He rather spend his time hunting pirates and unlawful citizens relentlessly. When he is out hunting, he rarely ever gives up the hunt unless he is critically injured, or if he captures a pirate or unlawful citizen. He rarely speaks. Some people say he goes too far for justice, he disagrees with those people. He thinks that nothing is too far for justice. He will do anything to bring a pirate to justice, anything besides harm a innocent civilian.




Nirvaer was born on Water 7, 21 years ago. He grew up surrounded by the scum of the world in the slums of the beautiful city. He grew disgusted with the sites he saw daily, people being mugged and other disgusting crimes. Whenever the marines came to clean up the slum, Nirvaer hid and watched the fighting between the criminals and the Marines. He worshiped the marines as heroes due to him seeing them only as heroes that helped people. Eventually Nirvaer made himself a wooden katana to practice so he eventually join the marines. He aspired to become a Marine since the first time he watched a battle. He did not know about the dark side of the marines. On his 18th birthday he set out from Water 7 to train, his life in the slums of Water 7 hardened him, greatly. He traveled the Grand Line training until he arrived at the Laguna Marine Base. He enlisted when he was 20 years old, and started to train as a trainee, until he gained the Seaman Recruit title, a few days before his 21st birthday.

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