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Shishi Ittoryu TechniquesEdit

Ittoryu: Shishi Zanki(One Sword Style: Lion Slasher); The user of this technique raises his katana over his/her head, before slicing downwards at a diagonal angle. He aims to slice through the neck of the enemy or simply slice the enemy from shoulder to hip.

Primary Stat: Strength/Skill

Style: Ittoryu

Type: Greater+1

Cost: 50

Ittoryu: Shishi Rakka (One Sword Style: Lion Drop); The user of this technique simply jumps high into the air, before dropping down behind the enemy. While this is happening, the user can decide to slash at the enemy or simply scare them, by whispering boo into their ear before stabbing them repeatedly.

Primary Stat: Strength/Skill

Style: Ittoryu

Type: Ambush+1

Cost: 55

Ittoryu: Shishi Unmei (One Sword Style: Lion Demise);The user of this technique, simply runs at their opponent before slashing vertically downward from shoulder to hip, before spinning once from the force of the first slash and repeating the slash from the opposite hip to shoulder, creating a X.

Primary Stat: Strength S

tyle: Ittoryu

Type: Ultimate

Cost: 70

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