There are various different races available for players to make as characters. More races are unlocked as players progress through the world.


The majority of the world is inhabited by humans, while physically lacking compared to other like Anthropomorphics or Giants, humans have considerable potential though.

  • Can be made anywhere in the world
  • Less issues with eating Devil Fruits
  • All Human characters start with 25 Willpower automatically


Anthropomorphic animals are animals that have learned how to act like a human, this includes the ability to speak. Because of this they are incredibly rare. Currently Anthros can only be Lions or Bears. Anthros can only be made after reaching the Grand Line with at least one other character, but they can originate even from the Four Blues.

  • All Anthros start with 50 Strength automatically


Speed and power triples underwater. Fishmen natural strength increase Strength by 1/4th. Able to breath underwater. Can only be made in the Grand Line and they all come from Fishman Island. Devil Fruit consumption cancels out underwater breathing and ability to swim. Fishmen can gain additional abilities based on the type of fish they are based off of. For example, Angler Fishmen grow a lightbulb-like appendage that allows them to create bright light to blind opponents. Shark Fishmen can use their sharp teeth to bite opponents and regrow their teeth instantly after losing them.

Fishmen can only be made Bounty Hunters and Pirates due to bad history between Fishmen and the World Government.

  • Fishman Strength: A natural ability for Fishmen Characters that increases strength by 1/4th their base
  • Fishman Domination: Triples the speed and power of the Fishman while underwater. This skill is automatically given to Fishmen but only activates underwater. If the Fishman uses Fishman Karate, this ability also unlocks all the Fishmen Karate skills while the user is underwater.

Longarm TribeEdit

All members of the Longarm have two elbow joints on each arm, which results in them having abnormally long arms. The extra elbows and arm length give them greater reach in battle.

  • +1/3 Damage to punching attacks.
  • Longarm Tribe characters can only be made in the Grand Line.

Long Leg TribeEdit

Longleg Tribe characters have very long legs, increasing the strength of kicking attacks.

  • +1/3 Damage to kicking attacks.
  • Longleg Tribe characters can only be made in the Grand Line.


  • Benefits
  • Strength increased by half.
  • Agility increased by half.
  • Reduced chance to be hit.
  • All material costs for weapons and armor reduced by half.
  • Drawbacks
  • Stamina reduced by half.
  • Defense reduced by half.
  • Weapon damage reduced by half.


A race of beings that vastly overshadow the other known races of the world in size. The most commonly known giants are those from the island of Elbaf.

  • New World only
  • Benefits
  • x 2 Strength.
  • x 2 Defense.
  • Hit chance increased by 1/2.
  • Weapon Damage x 2.
  • Drawbacks
  • Chance to be hit increased by half.
  • All material costs for weapons and armor doubled.

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