Rika Rika no Mi
English Name

Force-Force Fruit




Force Field Generation and Manipulation


Jonny Strider

Allows the user to generate and control a semi-telekinetic physical force, or a force field for simplicity.


  • Force Field Durability = Character's Mastery Stat

NoteForce Fields do not regenerate durability while being used

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

User can create and shape up to two force fields at a time. These force fields can be manipulated and shaped into multiple forms and for multiple uses. The powers of the Rika Rika no Mi allow a flexible balance between offense and defense during battle, as the user can use the force fields as a projectile and barrier as needed.

Force Fields can be used to trap an opponent by forming one around them. However the force field protects from both inside and outside, so while the opponent may be unable to attack you without breaking the force field, neither can allies. Force Fields cannot be used to suffocate others.

The force field acts as a physical force, meaning it can be blocked with physical means. The fruit also relies on movement from the user to manipulate the force fields, meaning that if the user is restrained or otherwise unable to move they cannot control or use the force fields. The force fields can also be destroyed by strong attacks, meaning the user must be careful against strong opponents. 

Users are also vulnerable to normal Devil Fruit weaknesses.

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