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Seiko Aotokami
Biographical Information









Black with a tint of blue

Eye Colour

Dark Grey





Chronological and Political Information

Copper Pirates

Sea of Origin

Grand Line Paradise



Traits and Skills


Seiko has a lithe form and tends to wear blue formal clothing. Standing about roughly 5'6" tall, her appearance, tends to confuse people with what gender she is. Her hair is short and she usually covers it most of it her hat she wears. Oddly enough, her usual attire usually conceals her chest, which makes people assume she is male at glance. She usually wears a formal blue coat, with a white collar shirt underneath, with dark-blue dress pants. However, in the case of her normal attire being a mess, she has a tee-shirt and jeans available, but in this attire she is easily distinguished between male and female.


Seiko is rather tomboyish, she doesn't seem to mind getting dirty, or getting into fights. She was never into the girlish sort of things (Example: Shopping, Make-Up, etc.). Due to her childhood, Seiko tends to do everything herself. Although, she appears to be mature and most of the times she acts that way, she is very shy deep down on some matters (Example: Wearing her swimsuit in public, being forced to wear girlish make-up and clothing).


To explore the world.


  • Basic Clima-Tact


  • None


  • WHACK!
Description: Seiko quickly whacks her opponent in the head with her staff, dazing her opponents who get hit by this attack.
Style: Pole Arm User
Type: Hybrid
  • Art of Weather: Mirage
Description: Seiko releases a Cool or Heat ball from the Clima-Tact to change the density of the air. The different air density will refract light, causing Seiko to vanish from sight similar to a mirage.
Style: Weather Manipulation
Type: Standard
  • Art of Weather: Thunder Storm
Description: Seiko puts the "Heat Pole" and "Cool Pole" together like an X on the top of the "Electric Pole". She swings it like a bat, and the X detaches from the "Electric Pole" spinning towards her opponent. When the X hits, the hot and cold airs collide and create a massive wind that blows her opponent away. The X formation will act like a boomerang and return back to Seiko.
Style: Weather Manipulation
Type: Hybrid + 1

Stat Map



Seiko lost her parents at a very young, due to an unfortunate accident, and barely remembers them at all. She was taken in by her grandfather who taught her to read maps and understand the weather patterns. Seiko's grandfather was a famous explorer, traveling up to the new world and even few islands in it. Seiko was amazed of these stories and dreamed of seeing the world for herself. So through most of her life, she studied maps and weather.

Unfortunately due to her studies, she never made any friends. And the lack of a feminine role model, she began to act more tomboyish then ladylike. Her solidarity, led to her usually taking on problems herself, without thinking twice to ask for assistance.

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