• Art of Weather: Zephyr
Description: After successfully blocking or parrying an attack, Seiko mixes Cool and Heat Balls to generate a powerful force of wind, knocking the enemy away on impact. The force of the wind is strong enough to daze the opponent from the force of impact.
Style: Weather Manipulation
Type: Counter
  • Art of Weather: Thunderstorm
Description: Seiko mixes Cool Balls and Heat Balls from the Clima-Tact to create storm clouds over her opponent. After the storm cloud is created, she will launch a Thunder Ball into the cloud, causing the cloud to become a thunder storm and strike lighting on her opponent. The lighting will cause paralysis on impact.
Style: Weather Manipulation
Type: Efffect
  • Art of Weather: Twister
Description: Following the principles of creating a Tornado with the Clima-tact, Seiko creates a smaller version of a Tornado and traps her opponent inside of it. Hindering her opponent of movement.
Style: Weather Manipulation
Type: Effect
  • Art of Weather: Tornado
Description: Mixing the Cool and Heat Balls together, Seiko generates a powerful tornado to air toss and daze her opponents. Using the fierce winds of the artificial storm, she can leave her foes in dizzy state.
Style: Weather Manipulation
Type: Effect
  • Black Clouds: Lightning Strike
Description: Seiko creates a storm cloud at the tip of Clima-tact's Thunder Pole. Activating the Thunder Pole, Seiko fires a thunder bolt from her staff out at her opponent.1
Style: Weather Manipulation
Type: Greater Hybrid

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