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Vide is a young man, usually wearing black clothes and pants. He has a green eyes and what most would assume would be bedhead, dark brown hair. Vide normally doesn't groom his hair much since it strangely stays how it is most of the time, he lives his days with eternal bed hair. He usually has a very apathetic face most of the time with down casting eyes giving him a depressed appearance. Unfortunately for Vide, this is his resting face.


As depressed Vide looks, he is caring about his companions, and loyal to his friends. His usual apathetic face, is followed with similar behaviors. Vide is a rather lazy guy, rather found a lot of his time napping somewhere or day dreaming. Although he would prefer to avoid combat, when it is necessary Vide is willing to fight. He holds a pessimistic view of the world, but with enough convincing practically anyone can convince him to go along with almost anything. Vide's face does lighten when he cooks and has a strange sense of honor, refusing to let people go hungry.


To find the All-Blue



Vide suffers from amnesia, unfortunately fails to remember the first 10 years of his life. He was found on South Blue's Karate Island washed up ashore and spent the next 6 years of his life, living under foster family of chiefs. He considers Karate Island his home, but he still sometimes wonder where his roots were from. The 6 years he spent living, with his new foster family, Vide grown close to them and learned the arts of cooking. Discovering his uncanny talent for cooking, Vide practiced and trained under this art and eventually adopted Black Leg style in fighting, hoping to never damage his hands. As Vide trained as a chef, he was told stories of the All-Blue the Che's Paradise where all fish from the 4 Blues are in one place. He dreams to find this place, and craft his own recipes for all to enjoy.

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